I was born in peaceful Costa Rica by Cuban parents who raised me in crazy Miami where I spent most of my life until I moved to St Petersburg, FL in March 2018. While in Miami, I started practicing yoga and fell in love with the transition it made in my personal life. It made me a more grateful, happy, stronger, generous being. I realized i wanted to share this with the world and got certified with a 200 HR Fluidus Yoga Teacher Training Certification with Yoga Alliance.

I have always been active and loved working out, but yoga gave me something that exercises could never do and that was mindfulness and a connection to my true self. I have been taught by Sivananda teachers in an Ashram, reiki practitioners, several yoga retreats, and Fluidus teachers to bring together an amazing vinyasa class. I have been teaching yoga for five years now and doing personal practice for seven. It started as a hobby, I would lead classes for my friends and I or group events. Then when I got certified, I started teaching in more professional settings such as various studios, hotels, festivals, and private sessions. Are you ready to allow me to change your life with the power of yoga practice?